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10 Legendary Latin American Rock Bands you Need to Know (Part 1)

Since one of the first proto-punk bands of the world appeared in Peru in the 60s, Latin American rock music has adopted and combined many esthetics, styles, and genres. From entertainment to activism, rock en español rose from an underground counter-culture to the core of popular entertainment. Navigating military dictatorships, authoritarian regimes, […]

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Maria Korol: "Atlanta's art community is diverse and unpretentious"

This episode of Hybrid Atlanta features Argentinean artist Maria Korol. She talks about her upbringing during the Argentina’s military dictatorship, her artistic influences from Brazil, her multilayered creative process, and Atlanta’s “unpretentious” artistic scene. Hybrid Atlanta is a video series of interviews with local artists and creatives whose work establishes […]

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10 Online Latin American Satiric Shows You Need to Watch

Satire, a humorous attack or criticism aimed at political leaders, celebrities, institutions or the media, has had a global resurgence during the past decades. In the United States, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliverand Full Frontal with Samantha Bee became some of the most […]

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