Almost a decade ago, one of the most popular Peruvian TV journalists announced that he wanted to be the first bisexual, impotent, and agnostic president of the country. And he added that he also wanted to be the First Lady. His name was Jaime Bayly and was known as Lima’s enfant terriblebecause of his continuous scandals related to his bisexuality, drug addictions, suicidal intents, love affairs, and, of course, his controversial political opinions and actions. While he ultimately dropped out of the race (arguing that the salary of President would not be enough to maintain his lifestyle), his satirical skit evidenced many failures of the national political system. This episode of Polivision is about Peruvian humor.

Created by Paul Alonso, Polivision is a bilingual and multimedia outlet based in Atlanta, Georgia, that covers Latin(o) American and Global Cultures.

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