YouTube is a predominant destination for people listening to songs and watching tutorials for learning about almost anything. It has also created its own particular type of celebrity: YouTube stars. In recent years, Latinx YouTubers like Yuya, Lele Pons, SoyGerman, Bethany Mota, and more have made their mark through vlogs, beauty tutorials, and comedy sketches. Here is a selection of emerging Latinx YouTubers expanding the conversation. 

1. David Lopez (Mexico)

David Lopez is one of the few to emerge from the Vine wave and expand his creativity into Youtube. Lopez now focuses on making comedic shorts with a variety of topics which include his Latino roots. Recently reaching the 1M mark, David Lopez is a name you will soon hear alongside companies like El Telenovela and Virgin Mobile.


2. Jenny Lorenzo (Cuba)

Cuban-American Jenny Lorenzo gained popularity through Mitú’s viral sensation “Abuela”, which incorporated nostalgic elements relatable to first generations. She also pioneered Latin content at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures with Pero Like. After her recent leave from Buzzfeed, Jenny continues to bring awareness to Latino culture through comedic bits.

3. Annie Elainey (Peru)

Annie Segarra identifies as a queer disabled Latinx woman, and uses her channel to talk about LGBT rights. It features topics such as gender identity, mental health, and body image. In all, with her voice, we learn to be better allies and become aware of issues that are not talked about enough.


4. Andrea Lausell (Cuba/Puerto Rico)

Lausell, a 26-year-old YouTuber, develops content on disability rights, ‘latinidad’, and Spina Bifida told from her perspective. As one of YouTube’s NextUp Winner, the hope is to see this aspiring actress giving life to disabled and non-disabled roles.

5. Maya Murillo (Mexico)

After starting out on Vine, Maya Murillo now has over 40k subscribers, making videos about her personal life, comedy videos, and custom love songs. With Maya in the Moment, Murillo also speaks passionately about plus size models and produces at Buzzfeed.

6. Kat Lazo (Columbia/Peru)

The Colombian-Peruvian New Yorker has made a name for herself as a director, producer, and host within the millennial Latinx community. As a video producer for Mitú, she developed “The Kat Call” where she debunked taboos and misconceptions of the Latino community. Within 3 seasons, her work has been featured in Huffpost, Latina Maganize, and The Daily News.

7. Monika Gobaira (Dominic Republic)

After questioning if her roommate was Oscar Nominee Saoirse Ronan, Monika Gobaira started getting attention as a Latina movie lover. She uses her channel “A little bit of Monika” to  explore film discussions, film schools, and reviews to grow as a filmmaker. 

8. Andres En Ingles (Colombia)

Andres Franklin learned English on his own and now uses his channel to teach tips, tricks, and hacks to non-speakers. By incorporating vlogs of his personal life, Andres En Ingles has been found as the English professor for this new generation of Millennials.

9. Oscar Alejandro (Venezuela)

Another winner of 2018 Youtuber Next Up is a dreamer personality living his life to the fullest. After leaving Venezuela, Oscar has been able to balance his channel with videos about immigration life and experiences as a gay Latino discovering the wonders around him. ¡La información es poder!


10. Jessica Flores (Colombia)

Jessica’s discovery of her pregnancy forced her toward domesticity. To navigate the late-night feedings, she created her online series “Domesticated Me” where Flores shares advice for all young diva moms about confidence, lifestyle, and glam. 


*Text and selection by Angelik Laboy

*Photo by Leah Huebner Headshots

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