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Reinventing History and Language: 10 Peruvian Artists Under 45

Archeological expeditions of the past to question the present and reinvent the future, Peruvian contemporary art goes beyond superficial layers. Selection and text by Peruvian art curator Luisa Fernanda Lindo.  1.CLAUDIA MARTINEZ-GARAY (1983) Martinez-Garay‘s work takes existing images to review and question the past. Her work reads the remains that […]

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2010s Chilean Electropop: A Decade in 10 Essential Tracks

Over the past ten years, Chile has witnessed the emergence of a large electropop scene in which different artists use drum machines, synthesizers and state-of-the-art software to explore the different political, social, romantic and sexual manifestations of men and women immersed in modern life. From names known in Latin America, […]

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Afrotrónicos: the new sounds of Afro-Peruvian electronic music

During the second decade of the new millennium, several Peruvian artists embarked on musical projects that articulated Afro-Peruvian culture with the sounds of contemporary electronics. Translocal styles such as grime, dubstep, trap and global bass were freely synthesized by these musicians to weave a rhythmic and sonic curtain. Jaws [quijadas] […]

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