Articles by: Paul Alonso

Argentinian content creators also need an income (video column by Ivana Szerman)

From denialism during the pandemic to the emerging content creator economy, Argentinian journalist and Youtuber Ivana Szerman describes the social and digital landscape Argentina is experiencing after the pandemic. This video column is part of our series on Reimagining Latin America After the Pandemic: Media, Culture and Democracy  Ivana Szerman […]

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Latin American Alternative Indie from Spain [MUSIC REVIEW]

The songs of Temporada de Pesca [Fishing Season], the latest album by Martin Guerra, will probably appear on exquisitely curated playlists of Indie Alterlatino. Martin Guerra, a Peruvian musician based in Madrid, has produced an experimental and hybrid album that combines Latin American musical traditions—the Afro-Peruvian being a crucial one—with […]

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DJ EU: “Puerto Rico is my background; Atlanta is my sound”

This episode of Hybrid Atlanta features DJ EU, a Puerto Rico-raised and Atlanta-based DJ. He talks about his journey into the DJ industry, his LatinX cultural background, and his experience as the official DJ for Atlanta United FC Team. Created by Paul Alonso, Hybrid Atlanta is a video interview series with […]

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