From the increasing economic disparities in Colombia, to the need of a new solidarity as means of becoming better people after the pandemic, Colombian Journalist and Youtuber María Paulina Baena exposes the socioeconomic reality that her country and  Latin America face after the Covid-19 pandemic. This video column is part of Polivision’s series on Reimagining Latin America After the Pandemic: Media, Culture and Democracy. 

María Paulina Baena is a Colombian Journalist, Political Scientist and Social Communicator from the Pontifical Xavierian University, Youtuber, and a One Young World Journalist of the Year Award (2022) winner. María Paulina hosts La Pulla, a political satire digital show, from El Espectador newspaper, the oldest newspaper in Colombia. La Pulla’s viral Youtube videos are regarded as an innovative way to bring harsh news to the young Colombian citizens, holding more than 70 million views across multiple platforms to date.

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