In this video column, José Zamora, a Guatemalan journalist, chief communications and impact officer at Exile Content Studios, highlights how the government of President Giammattei  exploited the COVID-19 crisis to establish and promote an authoritarian political system that suppresses critical voices. Zamora further emphasizes the role of journalism in empowering citizens, especially the new generation, to combat misinformation and resist the repressive state. 

Zamora’s professional background has focused on fostering collaboration networks, promoting innovation and advocating for press freedom. He was a JSK Stanford Fellow in 2020. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President of Univision News from 2012 to 2022. Prior to his time at Univision, he managed the Knight News Challenge at the Knight Foundation, a program aimed at driving media innovation on a global scale. His education includes a law degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, specialized training in media law from Oxford’s Media Law Advocates Programme, and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin.

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