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2010s Chilean Electropop: A Decade in 10 Essential Tracks

Over the past ten years, Chile has witnessed the emergence of a large electropop scene in which different artists use drum machines, synthesizers and state-of-the-art software to explore the different political, social, romantic and sexual manifestations of men and women immersed in modern life. From names known in Latin America, […]

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Sam Ramirez Herrera: "We shouldn't glorify starving artists" [VIDEO]

This episode of Hybrid Atlanta features Sam Ramírez Herrera from Off Tha Record, an Atlanta based content creation agency by “creatives who give a damn.” Sam talks about owning the narrative, the relations between creativity and entrepreneurship, her dad’s candy store dream, and the growth of Atlanta’s latinx community. Created […]

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10 Rising Latinx YouTubers​ Expanding the Conversation

YouTube is a predominant destination for people listening to songs and watching tutorials for learning about almost anything. It has also created its own particular type of celebrity: YouTube stars. In recent years, Latinx YouTubers like Yuya, Lele Pons, SoyGerman, Bethany Mota, and more have made their mark through vlogs, beauty […]

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